Friday, February 15, 2013

GO.CO Domain Service


.CO has meant company since the beginning of time. But it's not limited to that… Search engine optimization guru, Matt Cutts, from Google, has confirmed that .CO websites are treated just like any website on a traditional domain extension. .CO domain names run on the some of the most robust technology in the world, so you can rest assured your domain name will be safe and secure.

.CO continues to protect users from scourges like malware, phishing, pharming, serial cyber- squatters and other security threats. We don't like domain squatters.
Over a million .CO web addresses have already been claimed by some of the most innovative companies and entrepreneurs around the world. .CO is just like other domain extensions, except that its not. If you want something innovative and cutting edge, go with .CO.
The .COmmunity of over one million starters, entrepreneurs, companies and brands is living proof that, when it comes to creating your online presence, having more choices means having more opportunities. Having more opportunities, means more chances to succeed–and who doesn't want that?