Sunday, October 28, 2012

Host1Free Hosting Service


The websites are all different. Some websites are huge with millions of users and terabytes of data, some are small with just a few pages with personal information such as CV, portfolio, few picture gallery and a couple of text pages. Huge websites require cloud hosting solutions to be functional and trustworthy. Small websites can be run with shared web hosting for $3 per month or absolutely free.

The free hosting service is an important service in entire hosting market, because it provides the possibility to host own small projects without spending a penny. Of course, the free hosting is a limited service, therefore it can be used more for personal needs than business. Small business may also use it if they need just the website hosting solutions, as this type of web hosting may be not substantial for email solutions, which usually takes more resources than website hosting.

Free Hosting Features

Free hosting is different from shared web hosting because it has some limitations. However the main features remains the same as in regular shared hosting.
The Host1Free main features include:

  • Almost 2GB of disk space (2000MB);
  • 5 domains and 5 subdomains available as well as 5 pointers;
  • 100 GB bandwidth per month;
  • 2 MySQL databases which are enough for 2 web projects;
  • PHP supported;
  • DirectAdmin control panel for easy service management (even though DirectAdmin is a paid control panel, Host1Free provides it at no cost);
  • Application installer for easy application installation to the server without any FTP;
  • WebFTP application which allow easy management of FTP actions – downloading and uploading the website files in browser interface;
  • Custom error pages which are used in case the page URL is incorrect and the page cannot be found;
  • Web site builder with over 100 different web designs to choose from and easy to create website application which does not require any HTML knowledge;
  • Community forum support – all the technical issues are solved with the help of other members;
  • No banner or text ads are shown ever.

Free Hosting Free Hosting